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Ventura Reshingle

Steep Ventura Re-Shingle

Steep 12/12 Roof in Ventura, very rare do we get a roof like this, but we were able to handle it. Most of these rare roofs are found in the foothills of  Ventura. This is a three layer removal that took us a week to accomplish. We installed a one of a kind 50 yr. GAF shingle. This Shingle stays put, its as close to indestructible as shingles get.  Check out our pictures!

Charcoal blend standard slate concrete tile roof repair in Thousand Oaks, Ca

Every home needs to have the right tile choice and a professional to guide that choice. Luckily we have more choices than anyone and the skills to put it in quickly and efficiently. You’ll love the way this home turned out. We chose a charcoal blended slate concrete with the client for the looks and the longevity of the home. The results are inspiring and the home looks brand new. Let us know what you think of these pictures. We want to hear from you!

Installing Black Pearl Shingles

Black Pearl Comp Shingle Repair in Ventura, Ca

Black Pearl Comp Luxury Shingles are a lifetime guaranteed product we are proud to put on your roof. This was three layers of comp and wood shake removal. We installed a 1/2 sheathing osb and 10 squares of touchdown to repair the roof and finish the job with our 10 year guarantee.

This Shingle is the most expensive of all comp shingles we use. To insure value we also installed 8 O’hagin vents to cool the attic to better control temperature in the house. Call us up and find out more about what we can do to help your next big choice in the health of your roof.

Landmark Pro Shingle Roof Install in Ventura

This is a Pierpont job for roofing in ventura, which had a shallow asphalt rock shingle roof before we replaced it with a higher pitch on the roof to incorporate a Landmark Pro designer Heather blend comp shingle. The Comp shingle adds one more layer to the compression that makes it very light and durable which is fiber glass. Shingles like this cover a lot of homes in America and are a great cost effective shingle that offers protection and an easy to walk on material for your roof. What makes ours different is we give our work a ten year guarantee that we are not afraid to stand on all year round. Get in touch with us and find out what we can do for your roof to save you money and properly maintain your investment.