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Choose Gates Roofing because we have two licensed professionals on each job at all times. Our ability to re-roof is uncomparable to any other business and we do not hire second class workers. We’re first rate and our materials prove it. We use Boral Tile, Eagle Lite Tile, Certainteed Composition Shingles (presidential and lifetime shingles), WDG Topcoat Reflective (meets title 24 reducing carbon footprint up to 30%), Modified Bitumen roof system (torchdown method), O’hagin Qualtiy Venting for the maximum attic ventilation which adds to your roof life and lowers your energy bills.

Tile Selection

Check out our list of brands here! We can order from all of them and quickly get you what your roof needs. Our company specializes in tile and a perfect tile roof is our greatest joy to build. Please peruse our listings here and feel free to let us know what the best tile choice is for your roof!

Rubber Silicon (WDG) and Why?

Let’s seal it up! Any surface that needs protection from the elements can benefit from this material that prevents water damage and rust on metal. Flat roofs of all type can receive this treatment and you’ll find this product, which requires less labor and no permits, will save you money on the job and in your roof’s future. This falls under roof maintenance. This tax write off is not itemized and is a joy to your pocket because the whole job can be applied to your tax return in the first year!

Tile Reset

Roofing underlayment has a lifespan. Paying attention to the material underneath your tile is the part that really saves your roof and can save you a lot of money and internal damages. We know it when we see it and when you see you have a leak this is genrally the first culprit. We can help you keep track of this and plan your next roofing project according to the materials you already have and what we can install.

Maintanence packages

Our comprehensive maintenance package includes: gutter clean-out, re-caulking and the painting of roof jacks, replacing all broken tiles, valley debris removal, satellite dish damage and repair and drain clearing.


We don’t want you to call us with a giant life changing job if we could have prevented it 3 months before with regular maintainence. Let us guide you in keeping a roof over your head. We’re here for you and want to make sure that you can prevent a disaster and always have someone watching over your investment.

Dry Rot Removal

Our process reduces your risk of incurring more damage for your home and we guarantee our work for 10 straight years from the moment we finish your job. This is a chance for us to be creative. We fight to save you money and get the job done right because in our line of work there’s no other option. We take pride in everything we do and listening is our greatest tool in our toolbox.